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As the water in the boiler circulates it absorbs heat and changes into steam at 700 F (371 C) and 3200 psi The water enters the boiler through a section in the convection pass called the economizer. From the economizer it passes to the steam drum. Once the water enters the steam drum it goes down to the lower inlet water wall headers. From the inlet headers the water rises

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Sep 03 2020 · Water has the ability to transfer heat from one surface to another thereby maintaining the system within the correct operational temperature range while generating steam to carry out work. However water can adversely affect metal components under the operational conditions normally found in steam boilers and other heat exchange devices.

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Boiler Water TreatmentThere are three phases of water treatment in a boiler system: Blowdown which maintains the TDS (total dissolved solids) in the system External Treatment which removes hard salts minerals and oxygen before the water enters the boiler Internal Treatment which maintains proper water chemistry by adding chemical additives to the boiler waterThe primary goal of boiler water treatment is to control solids that cause deposits in the boiler

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